Investment opportunities in India

  • Public Provident Fund(PPF) offers fund protection and guaranteed returns that are exempted from tax.
  • Mutual Funds: It is a form of investment which generate higher income over a period of time. Here, investors invests in equities, bonds and other securities.
  • Real Estate: A safe bet by investors in India. It deals with land and buildings. Investors invests in properties and gain high value with time.
  • Equity Shares: It is a main source of funding for any company. Returns on shares are twice or thrice higher than your capital.
  • Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund): Generally for beginners and small investors. It's held in electronic format and offers good liquidity.
  • Post Office Schemes: It is the safest form of investment without any risk. It offers returns on a monthly basis.
  • Initial Public Offerings(IPO): Here the companies invite public to buy their shares without getting listed on the stock exchange.

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