Boycotts, when & where it was first initiated!

  • To boycott means to stop buying or using the goods or services of a certain company or country as a protest; the noun boycott is the protest itself.
  • The noun comes from 19th century oppose done by farmers whose land agent named C. Boycott declined to reduce the lending rates. All this happened in Ireland during the year of 1886.
  • Major boycott Movement - Mohandas Gandhi>Indian independence movement>Swadeshi movement - 1955–1968>African Americans>Civil Rights Movement Montgomery Bus Boycott - 1961–1983>West Berlin>Berlin S-Bahn>#Cold War
  • The latest boycott has been started by Sonam Wangchuk, Bharat's renowned engineer, innovator and education reformist.
  • His slogan has been to attack China by wallet rather than bullets. This came in the wake of China pressing hard at LAC.
  • A boycott which was done against RACISM way back in 1955 by black Americans >

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