Single application to manage all School-related information from anywhere in the School
One click report for all the school data, student records and school activities
Save time and resources by automation and better informed decision making for management
Automated and quick Report generation along with process turnaround time

Related Pointers

Jigar Jigar Solanki  visibility2953  access_alarms2 y 
  • IMPS is an immediate payment service. It includes internet banking, mobile banking, etc.
  • It is 24X7 and the upper limit varies from bank to bank. But it is around 100000/day.
  • In NEFT the transfer is not immediate. It is done in batches.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  visibility2764  access_alarms2 y 
  • Firefox is an open-source operating system designed by Mozilla.
  • It was made for smartphones, tablet computers and smart TVs.
  • Firefox OS was publicly demonstrated in February 2012, on Android-compatible smartphones.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  visibility1956  access_alarms2 y 
  • Indus OS (formerly known as Firstouch) is the World’s First Regional Operating System.
  • In India, the operating system has gained popularity ranking above iOS & Windows and only behind Android.
  • The OS is currently available in 12 Indian languages and has an active user base of over 2 Million.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  visibility2093  access_alarms2 y 
  • Bada OS is a discontinued software developed by Samsung Electronics.
  • Its name is derived from (bada), meaning "ocean" or "sea" in Korean.
  • After the announcement, the Wave S8500 was first device unveiled in February 2010.
Socialee Socialee Going Viral  visibility2108  access_alarms2 y 
  • You’ve probably noticed a decline in your email open rates and click-throughs over the last few years.
  • Even the best marketers with lists of 100,000+ prospects and customers are only achieving 20% to 30% open rates and 4% to 8% click through rates .
  • Compare that to 1.18 billion of Facebook’s 1.79 billion users logging in every day, i.e., 67%
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  visibility1893  access_alarms2 y 
  • Sailfish OS is a mobile operating system being developed by Jolla.
  • Sailfish OS’s heritage lies in Nokia times, especially in the MeeGo operating system.
  • Prior to 2011 Nokia and Intel had a vision of an open mobile operating system.
Kushal Kushal Soni  visibility2053  access_alarms2 y 
  • Founders: Rachit Dave; Rutvij Vora & Raj Kothari
  • Started in 2013 from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Helping students to select career option by taking career assessment test.