Some interesting facts about Nainital - The Lake District of India

  • The world famous Jim Corbett National Park is less than two hours’ drive from Nainital.
  • During winters the snow-capped mountains of Nainital, look breathtaking from the top.
  • Nainital is the town of Goddess Naina, the presiding deity of Naini Lake.
  • Historically, Nainital is older than Christ; it was called Khadesh and was ruled by Khasis.
  • The Naina Devi Temple of Nainital is considered one of the holiest sites in India.
  • Nainital and the nearby Kilbury Bird Sanctuary in Pangot are full of Eurasian Jays, Laughing Thrushes And Black-Headed Jays.
  • Nainital has one of the oldest golf courses in India; the 18-hole golf course dates back to 1926.
  • It was a British sugar merchant by the name of P. Barron who discovered Nainital Lake in 1839.
  • Due to the lake on its northern end, it rains almost every afternoon in Nainital.
  • Just 22 km from Nainital is Bhimtal Lake, named after Bhima.
  • Bhimtal is also one of the premier sites for paragliding in India.
  • The nearby Naukuchia Tal has nine corners. It is believed that anyone who can see all the corners at once will disappear.

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