Refreshing Mocktail Recipes- Pink Lady

  • A little cream added to this drink gives it the special touch.
  • SERVES- 4-5
  • 4 cups fresh watermelon juice
  • 8 tbsp strawberry crush or Roohafza
  • 4 tsp cream
  • 4-5 fresh strawberries- chopped or 4 tsp lemon juice (both lent their sourness)
  • For garnishing- a strawberry and a mint sprig
  • 1. Cut the watermelon into small pieces. Remove the seeds. Put the pieces in a blender and blend for few seconds. Strain the juice.
  • 2. Add strawberry crush (or Roohafza), fresh chopped strawberries (or lemon juice) and cream
  • 3. Blend again for a few seconds.
  • 4. Fill 1/3 of the glass with crushed or cubed ice. Pour the prepared drink and garnish with a slit strawberry and a sprig of mint. Serve.

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