Steps to start with Google Ads

  • *Decide your goal.
  • Get more calls to your business.
  • Increase visits to your shops.
  • Drive people to your webiste.
  • *Decide where to advertise.
  • Go global or Stay local.
  • *Create your message.
  • Highlight what's best about your business in three sentences which excites people..
  • Or Create banner ads by adding images.
  • *Set your budget cap.
  • Budget cannot exceed that you have set for a month (monthly budget cap).
  • Adjust or pause anytime.
  • Estimated results will be seen.
  • *Go Live..
  • Displaying your ads when people search related your product.
  • Ads can appear on google search, maps and across partner sites.
  • You will pay for results (clicks).

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