Microsoft partners China-based drone giant DJI

  • Microsoft has announced a unique partnership with China-based DJI the world's biggest drone company.
  • DJI is said to create a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for Window's PC.
  • SDK will bring full flight control and real time data transfer across 700 million Windows 10 active devices globally.
  • DJI and Microsoft will co-develop solutions leveraging "Azure IOT Edge" and Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.
  • DJI also selected Microsoft Azure as a preferred Cloud provider to improve their commercial drone and Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solutions.
  • Microsoft also announced a joint effort with chip-maker Qualcomm Technologies to create a vision AI developer kit running the "Azure IoT Edge" platform.
  • The company unveiled "Project Kinect for Azure" -- a package of sensors, including a next-generation depth camera with onboard compute designed for AI.
  • "Project Kinect for Azure" empowers new scenarios for developers working with ambient intelligence to dramatically improve insights and operations.
  • The company also announced "Speech Devices SDK" that delivers better audio processing from multi-channel sources for more accurate speech recognition.
  • With this, developers can build a variety of voice-enabled scenarios like drive-through ordering systems, in-car or in-home assistants, smart speakers, etc.

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