The rise of VEGANS

  • Today in developed countries their is a trend of becoming vegetarian. Their are many reason to it.
  • The first reason is due a phenomena called biological magnification. It happens when the toxic non degradable material . Gets transferred from the lower level of food chain to a upper level of food chain.
  • And as it goes from lower level to upper level the toxic starts increasing. As we are in the top of food chain we are the one who is most effected by it.
  • Second is environment concern. The non - veg food takes very high amount of resources to produce than veg food. And this creates puts more pressure on earths resource.
  • For example:- Pork . A pork takes more than a year to reach its healthy adult stage. Now it needs to be provided with grains and water for an year. Which could have been used to feed many people.
  • Thirdly due to animal cruelty :- As the pressure of making profit get higher. The farm house tries to stuff in as many animals in a small place in a very inhospitable environment and cruelty.

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