Things that are banned abroad, not in India

  • Lifebuoy soap: It is considered bad for the skin and only few countries use this soap to clean some animals.
  • Red Bull: It is banned in many nations as it can lead to heart attack, depression, hypertension. It is banned in France, Denmark and other nations.
  • Disprin: This medicine is banned in many countries because of the drug element present in it, which can be injurious to people.
  • Pesticides: There are certain pesticides which are banned abroad but not here. The reason of banning this is the presence of harmful elements for plants and us.
  • Unpasteurized milk: Due to harmful elements, it is banned in USA and Canada.
  • Kinder Chocolate: The toy present in the egg shaped box, is harmful as it has some choking hazards.
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto 800: the car failed in all the safety and guidelines tests. It is banned in other countries, but not in India.
  • D-cold medicine: It is banned at almost every place around the world but not in India. The medicine leads to further kidney problems.

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