What new trends in business did you notice during the Corona Pandemic?

  • Corona, the new trendsetter! It has brought up significant changes in most of the sectors. Business norms and regulations have to stringently take a shift.
  • Contactless commerce, did you notice one thing our wallets don't serve us much? Internet Banking and cards have become substitutes for cash. We can easily do great shopping without carrying any big cash in our bags.
  • E-commerce pacing; All the online stores witnessed a positive impact. We have the opportunity of simply buying anything with just one click. No more pain for our legs.
  • Work From Home; the comfort of working from our homes. No need to wake up early and dress up to rush to our works. It brought lots of comfort to our table.
  • Use of technology; every sector incorporated the use of technology. Technology served as a savior during these hard times. It enabled everything to run smoothly with a distinctive pace.
  • Delivery Services; rising e-commerce promoted delivery services. With the rise in online trade, the delivery services experienced a huge rise in their customers. The new trends seem to have a longer existence!

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