Parent's Role

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  • Parents have a huge impact on their child's future and sometimes they have to show more dedication towards it as compared to the child itself.
  • Every child needs to share his/her problems. If the parents help them vent out and don't show their superiority then it would all work out.
  • The last thing a child wants is to be compared with his/her classmates and this has to be kept in mind. There's a difference between suggesting and pestering.
  • Keeping an eye on your child's progress is a must and it needs to be done from time to time but remember that a bad score at times is not at all a big matter.
  • Appreciation is the biggest help a child gets. So never forget to do that even in small things and be supportive at their bad times. This creates a strong bond.
  • Smart phones can be avoided by the parents too to motivate their children to do the same .
  • A small thing that you should take care about is to help them manage their timings with everything, be it sports or studies.
  • Always remember that parents are every kid’s first role model. Keep you kids motivated and always help them pursue what THEY want to.
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