Life is so unexpected!!

  • Life! I believe , most complicated word of English language. I mean obviously, how can we define it? Well there are many definitions available scientific, philosophical etc. But is it only restricted to those few sentences?
  • Life is like a roller coaster, with so many ups and downs( which are very unexpected!!). We waste maximum of our time to ponder about what next? But! Wait!!! Is it worth? I mean is it what really gonna happen (think!!)?
  • Well!! Being an ENTHUSIASTIC science student, turned into a literature student( never ever in my life had any such thought). But this is what is the reality now. Yes! I m a literature student now( i miss science!!).
  • I agree circumstances can't always be in your favour (accepted, because there is no other option). But, questions does arise, why that change, why a turn? Is it for our betterment (well, only time can tell that!! )
  • I believe my stream change to be a turning point in my life. Sometimes we are not aware about whatever we are doing is it what we really wanna do or are we really meant for it?
  • There then comes into action an unexpected turning point which brings you up into a path which is meant for you. Today s reality is that, people are only restricted to narrow view, which only maintains a narrow vision.
  • One must visualise every aspect prevailing around oneself. Due to which one may learn about, that unexpected change that falls in front of you due to the narrow vision. But it is not that easy!!
  • Oviously!! Analysing every aspect demands more efforts, wisdom( which is only present as latent state in many!!). Following up the trend is the main cause which prevents an individual from recognising its potential.
  • No doubt! On life s unexpectancy there is no control of anybody ,but controlling oneself from restricting his vision , will definitely make you ready for that unexpectancy.

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