These 10 Daily Habits will improve your Life

  • WAKE UP EARLIER and use the first couple of hours so that you can take control over your state of mind and your body
  • Keep these two things in mind: HEALTHY DIET and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY
  • Spare few minutes to MEDITATE preferably earlier in the day to stay focused and to keep your mind calm
  • PLAN your day and follow through on that
  • FOCUS on High Leverage Activities, which keeps you positive and energetic
  • Try to LEARN the skills that will help you achieve your goals
  • READ books and look for just one idea, and see how you can apply it in everyday life
  • INTERACT with people who are driven and are accomplishing something in their life, that will serve as an inspiration
  • Give yourself a goal to EVALUATE your day and what can be improved the next day
  • Give yourself time to REST, as working in a high capacity for a long period of time can exhaust anyone

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