Facebook marketing tips for hotels

  • Choose an awesome Cover Photo. Pick a Cover Photo based on location, seasonality and what makes your hotel unique.
  • Use photos of the destination to create an idea of the vacation guests will be having
  • Invest in promoted content and ads to reach a wider audience. The key is knowing your exact marketing objective.From there, you will have call to action button
  • You can offer guests special incentives for Liking your Page. Such as discounts on future stays which encourage guests to be interested in the product
  • Use facebook's demographic data in targeted campaign.You can separate your audience by categories such as location, demographics, interests, behaviors
  • Enrich guest service through Facebook Messenger for Business. you can manage all messages from the admin panel of the page.
  • Encourage Facebook check-ins and reviews.Hotels should also encourage guests to use check-ins or location tags on photos and videos.
  • Identify potential returning visitors and focus your efforts on them. Rank them by engagement level to quickly identify the ones that are worth your time!
  • Create unique opportunities for engagement with Facebook live video or 360.Live videos are ranked higher in News Feed as they’re happening,giving it huge reach

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