Timeline of Social Media

  • Six degrees was the start of social sites in1997 with options to create profile and friend each other.
  • In 1999, LiveJournal had come into existence where people could blog to keep their friends updated.
  • 2002, Friendster was created by Peter Chin, Jonathan Abrahams and Dave Lee. Later they rejected a $30 mil deal from Google.
  • In 2003, LinkedIn came into existence where users could post their resumes and chat with business oriented minds.
  • GMAIL was created in 2004 by Google.
  • 2004 was also the year when Facebook was launched and everyone knows rest is history.
  • YouTube was born in 2005 and the same year a Nike advert got the first million views.
  • Twitter got its voice first in July 2006 and by 2010 it had 750 tweets per second being surfaced.
  • 2011 saw the launch of snapchat, an image messaging app.
  • And may favorite, Instagram was launched on OCT 06, 2010 and soon rose to #1 photo sharing app.

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