Business Lesson from Padman - the Indian Superhero

  • Padman is a movie built on a simple story of a humble rural man Lakshmikant Chauhan (inspired on the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham), played by Akshay Kumar
  • A simplistic person, Lakshmi lives in an optimistic hope that every problem is an opportunity to build something and make life better for himself and others
  • His battle begins with a simple effort to try and solve the problem of menstrual hygiene for his wife, and he starts encountering a series of scientific, technical, financial and societal obstacles in this journey
  • However, every new obstacle along the way fuels Lakshmi’s passion further and starts converting the same into an obsession
  • Eventually after years of ongoing struggle, Lakshmi get’s success as he is able to build a sustainable solution and gain large scale nation-wide acceptance for the same
  • Here are a few lessons that I thought could be useful for all of us aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs, beyond the social message instilled in the movie:
  • 1. Embrace a frugal approach
  • 2. Ensure market application
  • 3. Make it simple, not simplistic
  • 4. Detached engagement
  • 5. Build passion networks
  • 6. Remember that big things start small
  • 7. Organize as you grow
  • 8. Have a cause
  • To read about these lessons in more detail, please do read my detailed article on this topic on LinkedIn:

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