10 Myths Related to Migraine or Frequent Headaches

  • 1.Migraine is just a headache- Migraine is a neurological disease with functional and sometimes structural changes that occur in the brain and headache is just a feature of it.
  • 2.All headaches are migraine- There are many different types of headaches. Migraine is distinct from headaches because of its duration, severity and accompanying symptoms.
  • 3.Migraine is my fault- At the end of the day, the sole perpetrator to blame for migraine is genetics—no one is at fault when a migraine attack strikes.
  • 4.More medication will help take control over migraine- Taking a lot of medication to treat an acute migraine attack could lead to more frequent and more severe migraine attacks in the future, which are often worse.
  • 5.Managing migraine during pregnancy is impossible-Some medications used to treat migraine may be unavailable to pregnant women due their harmful effects on the mother or fetus, there are other safe options available.
  • 6.Caffeine causes migraine- For many patients, a caffeinated drink like coffee or soda helps alleviate headache.
  • 7.There is a diet plan that will cure migraine- There is a long list of foods that is said to trigger migraine. Avoiding them all is just as unhealthy. One should just know their own triggers and avoid them.
  • 8.All the supplements that prevent migraine are safe and effective- Supplements should only be taken after consulting a specialist.
  • 9.You must have an aura for it to be a migraine- Absolutely not true. Migraine can occur with or without aura.
  • 10.No medication will ever treat my migraine- While there may not be a sure shot cure for the disease, there certainly are many treatment options available to effectively manage the condition.

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