How to Fearlessly and Confidently Introduce Yourself

  • Break the Ice
  • The easiest way to do this is just saying hello and your name. You can also use a greeting like a good morning. Another way is to compliment.
  • Ask Follow-up Questions
  • You need to keep the conversation going. Have more simple questions ready. Questions are always better than comments, as it makes the other person talk.
  • Listen and Ask More Questions
  • Pay attention to the answers from your first questions and ask for more details. People like talking about themselves, so this won’t be a problem.
  • Prepare Basic Answers about Yourself
  • Conversation isn’t always about asking questions. Eventually, the people you’re talking to are going to ask you the same questions that you’re asking them.
  • Have an Exit Plan
  • If you find you have nothing more to say or you’re not connecting with the person you’re talking with, you need a way to leave politely.
  • Smile and Be Confident
  • Even if you make a mistake, keep talking. People will remember your smile and your confidence more than any small errors.

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