Ways to know most searched Keywords

  • Google Auto-Complete- When you write a word on google search engine, a drop down list with all the trending topics appears, these are the most searched topics
  • Google Trends ( Visit this website to know about the most searched or trending topics by clicking on Hot Search.
  • AdWords’ Keyword Planner: Search for keyword ideas, compare how keywords perform, measure the keyword competition and improve your next campaigns.
  • Twitter Search- To find the most searched topics on twitter by keyword, hashtag, or user name.
  • YouTube Trends: Trending videos are measured by the embedded video views, along with the actual views on Youtube.
  • Facebook Trending Topics: Facebook presents the most popular topics and hashtags, depending on the likes, the location, and popularity of each story.
  • Bing Trends: A report of the most popular trends of the previous year, also providing insights and stats on the popular search queries.

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