The importance of emotion in design

  • Emotional design shows empathy for the audience a website serves.
  • Design that speaks to emotion is...
  • Clear and easily understood - This means navigation nomenclature makes sense and any calls to action are logical next steps.
  • Visually appealing - Design looks professional, consistent and elements of the layout are in expected places.
  • Enjoyable - The design wants to be looked at, the writing wants to be read and there are cues a visitor wants to follow to further pages.
  • Memorable - What about the design stands out? Is Unique?
  • Personal - No pretences or corporate machinations. It reflects the honest personality of what it represents.
  • Effective emotional Web design speaks to three main points
  • First Impressions.
  • The look of a website is an instant trust builder or trust loser. If there are flames on buttons, horrible stock photos or poorly matched colours.
  • How it functions.
  • Once a visitor is past a favourable first impression, they’ll look for things like:clear navigation and intuitive next steps for a task they want to accomplish.
  • Perceived value.
  • Because attention spans are short, what’s the value of staying on the website? Is the content worthwhile? Is the product or service worth paying for?

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