Things to be kept in mind while doing FACEBOOK LIVE with EXPERT

  • Select a place which is noise free. It will help audience to listen to the expert in a clear way.
  • Prepare an outline and a plan for facebook live i.e. an objective of FB live, Introduction to the topic by expert etc.
  • Make sure you have proper Wi-Fi connectivity. It can reduce the delay time in the FB live session and can give users more time to engage.
  • Keep the session long. Your audience needs time to join. 30 mins to 1 hour is great time for FB live with EXPERT
  • Interact with your live audience. Keep monitoring the comments by the users about specific topics.
  • Ask for sharing the Live Session during FB live. It helps in building audience.
  • Take a tripod for a stable facebook live session. If the session for a longer duration tripod helps to create a stable session without much of camera movement.
  • Do a mock session of 5-10 mins just to check if everything is working fine. Check surrounding, people, mic, camera, internet connectivity etc.
  • Most importantly pay attention to the timings of the session. Begin and end the session sharp on timings.

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