What Are The Fundamental Rights Of Children?

  • Children, defined as any person under the age of 18, need more than just human rights due to a set of unique needs due to young age and impressionable minds.
  • 1. Right to identity- Children are entitled to a name, legally registered with the government, and a nationality, i.e. a right to belong to a country.
  • 2. Right to health- Children are entitled to proper healthcare including drinking water, nutrition, and a safe environment to live. Also, children with special needs require special care and support.
  • 3. Right to education- Every child in the country is entitled to receive free primary eduction for proper physiological development.
  • 4. Right to a family life- If not family members, then children have the right to be looked after by caretakers. Children who don't have access to a family life, have a right to special care.
  • 5. Right to protection from violence of any kind- Protection from violence extends even to family members, and children must not suffer ill-treatment or sexual or physical violence.
  • 6. Right to an opinion- All children deserve the right to voice their opinions, free of criticism or contempt. While children's opinion may not be based on facts, it is still an important source of insight for parents.
  • 7. Right to be protected from armed conflict- In case of any armed conflict, children should be protected from any armed struggle and should be shielded from any such circumstances.
  • 8. Right to be protected from exploitation- Any sort of mental or physical exploitation against children, even if it is done with the view to enforce discipline, is punishable by law.

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