Must have essential features of accounting software

  • Accounting program you evaluate must have robust reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Graphics, in the form of charts and other illustrative formats, is a powerful tool that can be used to present trends and other concepts
  • It must be able to create invoices and track the expenses according to the categoris
  • Many companies require the full automation of employee expenses, payrolls and time sheets; company and departmental budgets; purchase requisitions
  • It must manage inventory, inward outward stock movements and perform bank reconciliation
  • Tax laws, regulations and financial practices change over time, so it's vital to use software that receives fast, user-transparent, automatic updates.
  • It must create purchase orders and record inventory purchases
  • You'll want to look for a product that allows the easy customization of statements, forms, reports, screens, help systems and other program facets.
  • It must manage list of customers and vendors and view account payable and receivables
  • Software should be secured from data loss and other malware attack

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