she fall and stand again to love him more

  • She always knew that what she feels with him , she never had felt with anyone else . loving him making him strong ,confident as if she could win the battle of life. he shows his anger but she saw it as his care
  • He shows his strength ,she saw his weak part . he show how mature he is , but she saw his inner child . he believe that she deserve someone better than him, but she knows he deserve best and no one was best than him
  • If he is a candle than she is the fire , if he is the ocean than she is the wave , if he is the sun than she is the moon . but she knew he wont accept him .
  • She knew that there is care , love and full trust behind his harsh words. sometime she felt of letting him go . but every time before her giving up she shine with her hope .
  • She collect herself and stand again to love him more than before, to sacrifies herself little more than last time, to not giving up on her faith and love. all she could do is wait shelflessly.
  • Mantra - love someone selflessly, without expecting them to fall for you as same as you do. if you ever feel you are in love than try to stop ur feeling , try not to love them or think about them ,try to make distance
  • If you are successful of doing that thing , if you stopped feeling that same thing as you felt before than thats your ''attraction''. but if you cant than congratulation your in ''love''

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