Generation gap!

  • How will you define it? Well, let me try. Is it just the difference of 3-4 decades? Its meaning is as deep as the no.of decades lies between two generations (or may be more than that!).Under this generation gap comes many new inventions, different modes of everything, new techniques, new technology, most importantly there occurs gradual psychological change in individuals. Obviously, with the advancement, one’s ability to seek things changes. The point of view, perspective of individuals become different, which leads to a generation gap!
  • Lets, have a glance of it. Considering our family, we have grandparents(one generation), parents(other generation) and then comes the children (most advance, they think!). Most of the families have these three generation.What do you think, everyone’s perspective of seeking things is similar? The answer is very obvious no! As there are three generations that means ,we can consider a difference of almost a century. Read again, a century! I guess one could travel the whole space in this time span! Development of an individual occurs according to the necessities and teachings prevailing during their generation which brings about the change in the thinking of each generation.
  • Now, sometimes the different psychi of generations creates conflicts amidst family members. It becomes difficult to understand other’s point of view. But, who is the culprit of this conflict?Obviously, we consider each other our rivals. In reality, no one is at fault where the difference comes is in understanding each other’s point of view. Each of us is raised according to the situation, learning, advancement prevailing around us( whether of today’s or of their time) . So, one need to keep in mind that, there does exist the difference ( of thinking, seeking things, psychology) , which is due to upbringing received during a particular time.
  • Is it possible to overcome this gap? Obviously not, but we can overcome the problems. Lets, try to understand each other’s points.There’s no harm in it! There is nothing wrong in their thinking or in ours, where the things get worst is always condemning each other. We can’t kick out those past teachings completely as the new ones are just their modifications. One need to understand that, the present thinking is just the result of new advancements which took place in the already existing situation, and present exist because of those already existing situations! This is where the solution lies. Think!

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