Best techniques to choose SEO friendly title for your blog

  • Firstly, choose a topic, where you have good understanding and in-depth knowledge.
  • Once you are done with the topic, go on Google Search and search your topic, e.g., Skin whitening tips
  • While you are searching, the auto completes are one of most searched phrase. So relevant ones can be added in the title. E.g., Best Skin whitening tips by dermatologist
  • Scroll to the bottom of the result and you find related searches. Add few relevant prefix or suffix to make your title - a long tailed keyword. E.g.,Best Skin whitening tips at home by dermatologist.
  • Now go to and check the trend of keyword you are using. E.g. here main keyword is "skin whitening" and it can be replaced with " skin brightening". So compare the trends. Here, we chose the first one.
  • These are the steps to choose SEO friendly title.

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