Nike - "Just Do It " Campaign

  • A fitness craze emerged in 80s, Nike's marketing department knew they needed to take advantage of it to surpass their main competitor, Reebok
  • Competition from Reebok growing ever-fiercer in the mid-80s, co-founder started working with a small agency in Portland, Oregon, called Wieden & Kennedy
  • Legendary line was born from Gary Gilmore’s famous last words before the double-murderer was executed in Utah in 1977: "Let’s do it."
  • The line chimed with Nike’s strategy of creating a point of difference between itself and Reebok
  • Focusing on the aerobics craze, by targeting people regardless of age, gender or physical-fitness level.
  • It cut across age and class barriers, linked Nike with success - and made consumers believe they could be successful too just by wearing its products.
  • It was both simple and memorable, establish a personal connection with the brand.

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