List of tourist places in Godhra, Gujarat

  • Pavagadh Hills: It is situated at Halol Taluka, which is nearer to the Godhra city and is a very famous tourist attraction.
  • Besides this, Pavagadh has also been popular as the strongest hill fortress, where Kalika Mata Temple is a most holy center and has been built during the 10th –
  • The old fort of Champaner, which was found to be the medieval capital of the Gujarat, is located at the southern part of the Pavagadh hill.
  • Kadana: This is a hill, where there is a memorial stone as well as the dam, and on the opposite side of which is a temple of Nadinath Mahadev.
  • The other tourist attractions include – Jambhughoda Wild life sanctuary and Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary in Godhra City.
  • Hot Water Spring: This natural hot water spring that includes sulphur with medicinal value. This water spring is established in Tuwa.
  • Citadel: The citadel was constructed by Mahmud Begda, which has walls that pass from north-south, with many gates.
  • Kakachia: This is a place where there is a combination of 3 river flows called Triveni Sangam – Mahi, Panam and Veri.

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