Steps to improve your figure drawing

  • 01. Composition- Start with straight lines to create a powerful silhouette.
  • 02. Skeletal synthesis- Simplified the bone groupings: The arms, legs, feet and hands are asymmetrical, whereas the skull, rib cage and pelvis are symmetrical.
  • 03. Skeletal detail- Labelled the most important bones it will help to your anatomical figure.
  • 04. Anatomical synthesis- Starting with the general groupings of the muscles with an idea of realizing the detailed aspect.
  • 05. Anatomical detail- The muscles have their own compositional dynamic, labelled the most important muscle groupings.
  • 06. Figure Linear- Take your time and appreciate the asymmetrical and symmetric forms, then draw diagram with the outline contours.
  • 07. The sculptural aspect- For light & shade illustration of figure, geometric construction aspect of three-dimension action that's possible with the character.
  • 08. Sculptural energy- This method also call as the Slinky Man Rendition, for obvious reasons! It's based on the geometric perspective of the previous stage.
  • 09. Chiascuro rendition- Chiascuro means the drama of light and shadow in the picture plane. Three tones: light, shade, shadow, and an accent tone.
  • 10. Finished illustration- Sketch in the figure with a HB Staedtler pencil, for softening the tones into shade & shadow complete the image with a Caran d'Ache.

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