What if someone had never compared patrol car vs Electric car? There will be no more Tesla.
That's why we believe that comparison can make a disruption.
And that disruption leads to an innovation.
For all of this Punchit.io is a platform where users can create comparison in 3 easy way.
First Add Title, Upload Two Photos and Attach Tags
Boom, Comparison is done and now you'll get the opinions of your followers.
We also have an Android App to make the user experience more interactive.
It will make brand more trustful.

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Aakash Aakash Seo  visibility366  access_alarms2 m 
  • Over And Above Software Development And Customization, Computer Hardware & Networking in Ahmedabad Visit: http://www.raymicro.com/com-hardware-networking.html
  • 22
Alex Alex Swallow  visibility1974  access_alarms1 y 
  • I recently had my first article go viral. I published an article on LinkedIn called '100 LinkedIn Articles- Key Lessons'
  • You can see it here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/100-linkedin-articles-key-lessons-alex-swallow
  • The article has attracted around 2,500 likes, including one from the CEO of LinkedIn and more than 130 comments.
ankit Ankit Yadav  visibility1541  access_alarms1 y 
  • BSNL introduced state-of-the-art 100G Optical Transport Network (NG-OTN)
  • It'll provide broadband facility to 2,50,000 village panchayats by Dec'18
  • BSNL's NG-OTN will also cover 100 cities in India
Harsh Harsh Lakhotia  visibility2582  access_alarms2 y 
  • Dextor's Laboratory - We miss the fight between Dextor & his sister Dee Dee. It resembled our fights with siblings in real life.
  • Jhony Bravo - Remember a person with Black-tee & blue jeans, blonde hair and 'KALA Chashma'... Yes it was JHONNY BRAVO.
  • Swat Cats - Cat fighter jet pilots. T-Bone and Razor as they were named had an instant fan following among young boys.
Kushal Kushal Soni  visibility2513  access_alarms2 y 
  • Login to Instagram.
  • Go to your profile and tap settings.
  • Tap Switch to Business Profile.
Kushal Kushal Soni  visibility2609  access_alarms2 y 
  • Update profile with events attended, internship report, research finding and skills mastered.
  • Pen down the interest area and fix the industry in which you want to grow.
  • Increase connection with HR, industry experts of your target audience.
Alex Alex Swallow  visibility1766  access_alarms1 y 
  • Would you like to learn how to network? It is a crucial skill that will help you take your professional life forward.
  • I have a free course that will help you, all the details are here http://theinfluenceexpert.com/students-influence-expert-now-105-countries/
  • It is online and you can complete it at your own pace.
ankit Ankit Yadav  visibility1465  access_alarms1 y 
  • In Chinese 5G network trials, international telecom provider ZTE Corporation set a new industry record when it exceeded a throughput of 19 Gbps.
  • The company announced in a Monday press release. In a separate test, the firm was also able to achieve a low latency of 0.416 ms.
  • In short, the 5G future is here, and it's fast.
Kushal Kushal Soni  visibility2652  access_alarms2 y 
  • Social Networking in that members of the network share information based on their current location with one another.
  • Social Networking can be done based on locations.
  • Facebook place, foursquare, tinder are examples of LBSN
Socialee Socialee Going Viral  visibility1986  access_alarms2 y 
  • Social media is a key player in the job search process today.
  • Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the confines of a résumé, cover letter, or interview
  • Make sure any profiles you write are free of typos, the information is coherent and applicable to your industry.
Kushal Kushal Soni  visibility3078  access_alarms2 y 
  • Dynamic Ads: Must for e-commerce site. It help you retarget audiences across devices, and personalize ads based on browsing behavior.
  • Mobile App Install Ads: It helps you drive app downloads by allowing users to get inside your app in,showcase rating and any testimonials or features
  • Carousel Ads: Great for online retailers looking to show off numerous products, mobile app marketers with eye-catching in-app imagery, and lead generation.
Kushal Kushal Soni  visibility3050  access_alarms2 y 
  • Invite like minded people
  • Declare a clear agenda, so expectations are rightly set.
  • Make an event on Facebook or other such sites with clear time frame.