How Pointsonly Works

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  • Welcome to pointsonly, a friend that will teach you whatever you want in the matter of minutes!
  • Pointsonly is a platform where people around the world meet and connect. They share their pearls of wisdom via pointers.
  • This is a sample pointer. The points theme is kept after a lot of research. It is easier to read and share.
  • You can correct a pointer, if it was useful to you, by clicking on the tick mark.
  • You can ask for reference for any point you see. Just click on the respective point.
  • You can share it over the internet.
  • You can bookmark any point or pointer to you rack.
  • You can become a reader of any writer by clicking on the read button in his profile.
  • Writing a pointer is very easy.
  • Click on the plus sign in the right corner.
  • Add title, image and points.
  • Click on publish
  • Now your wit and wisdom is published for the whole world to see.