Privacy Policy

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  • PointsOnly is a platform to share information in a concise and lucid way.
  • This document is about the ways we gather information about you and the way we protect it.
  • PointsOnly being an open platform gathers information about users through their social media accounts, blogs, emails, websites, etc
  • To avail the service, user has to log in via a social media account or they can just use the quick sign up.
  • The information you share is obviously private and we do everything on our end to protect it from being misused.
  • Your secrets are safe with us!
    • Your contact information: your email, mobile number, etc
    • Your user id and password for this website
    • Your location
    • Your area of interest
    • Content written by you on this website
    • Your rack and your readers
    • What you are reading and what you want to read
    • Links you share on this website
    • Your log data
  • For any further questions, mail us at